Megan Baldwin Consulting

Social Health & Community Connection Coaching

Mission & Values

To help clients identify their goals and strengths regarding their social & community health and to assist them in obtaining their goals by using my unique viewpoint, introspective behavioral-change techniques, life experience and professional skills. I will work to continuously collaborate with clients throughout our working relationship to aid them in developing skills to obtain their goals and desires centered around community connectedness. 

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About Me

Hi, I'm Megan.  I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in the state of Georgia, and social health coach. I am happily married, and the mother to one son, Easton, and two dogs, Walter and Lemon.  

I have a passion for people, relationships, and improving the human condition. Empathetic, well-informed, and forward-minded, I am continually inspired by the joy created through learning about people and why they do the things that they do.


In the same way that every individual's story and experience are unique, so are their relationships and communities.  Our work together will also be a unique experience.  My coaching fosters a creative environment where we can treat our work as something mutually discoverable.  Here are a few things that would make our work unique:

My practice is run virtually, allowing us to meet at your convenience and work from a distance.

I have professional experience in the non-profit and community mental health sectors that aid to my unique viewpoint of social and community health.

I am able to incorporate my unique skill set to effectively coach a blend of individualized client goals and greater community integration. 

I am innovative. I have a unique background and professional training as a social worker and will work to apply that lens to your goals to help you identify internal and external resources to help you grow your social health.

Goal-oriented and strength-focused, I will work to help you not only identify your goals regarding your social health, but I will also help you identify your strengths.

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